7 Secrets of Event Planning Success


At AlchemyLive, events are our bread and butter. We’ve spent years honing the artistry of event planning and along the way picked up some secrets that will guarantee event success for you.


What’s the one piece of advice an event planner will give you? Plan. And then, plan some more. As soon as you know you’ll be holding an event, start planning for it.

Having a detailed brief means there won’t be any miscommunication when speaking to suppliers. They’ll be able to quickly understand exactly what you want for your event.

Plus, planning in advance allows you to stay on top of all of the moving parts of event planning. Properly prioritising each task as it appears means nothing will be missed.


Whilst you’re making that plan, make sure you’ve included a back-up plan. We mean for ANYTHING. Rain, shine, wind, suppliers not arriving, the food being ruined, someone’s leg falling off, your leg falling off; the list goes on.

Whilst it’s pretty unlikely that any of these things will happen, as the saying goes: “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” Relying on nothing but your original plan is a dangerous approach. Even the most skilfully planned events have gone awry, being able to react quickly will be a godsend.

Another thing to remember is that, when things do go wrong, that these things happen! During a career working in events, its inevitable that something will eventually go awry. Preparing will serve you far better than panicking.


Event planning success comes with keeping your finger on the pulse. Making time each day to keep up with industry and competitor news is vital for this success.

Learning new and upcoming ways to run an event means you can pass this knowledge on to your clients, finding better and faster ways to produce events. Making sure you’re not left behind in the wake of fast changing trends is key for event success.

Knowing what new products are being launched, which venues are opening, and which companies are making radical changes keeps you ahead of the curve. With this knowledge, you can offer the most creative and innovative services.


Occasionally an afterthought, many do not realise just how vital the correct venue selection can be for the success of an event. Careful consideration of what you need for your event is essential to know what type of venue will best suit your needs.

Are you after high-speed internet access for an event connecting businesses across the globe? A country-fair style outdoor venue will probably not provide this. That’s not to say you couldn’t host this type of event there, just that the logistical considerations become far greater.

At AlchemyLive, we are incredibly lucky to work side-by-side with our partner venue: 8 Northumberland Avenue. Having a fantastic relationship with the team their means we are able to be flexible and innovative for our clients.

Treating your venue like just another supplier can be detrimental to the success of your event. Having a venue team that will go the extra mile for you and your event can aid you in a whole host of potential problems.


Every time we thought of something, Kerrie had already done it. Everything was sorted in advance of us having to ask for it – or in my case, even realising it was needed.” This is just one of the glowing reviews our fabulous senior events manager Kerrie has received over the years, proving how instrumental attention to detail can be.

Having an eye for the detail of an event means you’ll be tying up all the loose ends before your clients even realises they were there. Multitasking and events go hand in hand, resulting in missed details for the inexperienced. It’s your job, as the event planner, to ensure this doesn’t happen.

There are plenty of ways to stay on top of the details, so it’s best to find what works for you. Whether it’s written to-do lists or using calendar alarms and organisation apps, finding something to keep everything in check is vital.


When you first start planning your event, begin without any limitations. Think what the absolute perfect event for you would be, no budget necessary. Once you’ve got a clear picture of what you’d like, you can choose the essentials and meet in the middle with your budget.

Doing this means you’ll quickly be able to see what the absolute essentials of your event are. What you need to convey to your audience and how you plan to do this. Remember, it is far easier to edit than add, especially when working on a tight budget.

This way of planning also allows you to carefully construct your event budget. You’ll be able to hone-in on which products will give you the highest ROI and have a good idea of your expected spend.

Remember that most event planners recommend a wide contingency when planning. For most events, aim for around 5-25% contingency to ensure that you are well within your means. Most overspend on events occurs within the final week as last minute costs pile up, planning your budget expertly avoids this.


A key part of becoming a hugely successful events planner? Stay in touch! Whether it be with your past clients, suppliers, attendees or venues, you should always make an effort to stay in contact.

Good communication is critical for the success of your event. Having a key contact to streamline communication is a fantastic way to do this. Everyone working on an event needs to be clear on who is doing what and when. This way, confusion can’t cause mistakes.

Remember, good communication shouldn’t stop when the event is over! Always ask for feedback and testimonials, good or bad, so you can continue to develop your events. This is especially important to do with your attendees, through event surveys, so you know which areas of your event need work.

Keeping good relationships with your suppliers and past clients is also a fantastic way to grow your business. Either by repeat bookings or through recommendations, keeping these key contacts is vital.

Our talent events team have spent years fine-tuning their skills in order to deliver the best events possible for our clients. If you’re looking for an exceptionally talented events team to run your next event, get in touch with our team today.