The Best Of The Best For AlchemyLive’s Spring/Summer 2019 Menu

For Spring/Summer 2019, AlchemyLive are going old school. The recipe books are being dusted off and the most popular dishes from the past decade are getting a 2019 makeover. These dishes were the most popular for a reason, be it their presentation, unique ingredients or incredible flavour and have gone through rigorous testing.

We wanted to offer all our client’s the opportunity to experience every popular dish, in order to make Spring Summer 2019 the best season to date. Therefore, take a sneak peek into some of our most premium dishes and find out the secrets to their success.


Gazpacho – chilled tomato gelee, gazpacho vinaigrette and coriander gel, sour cream sorbet, jalapeno & cheese straw 

A not-so-traditional take on the classic gazpacho (a cold Spanish soup made from blended vegetables, typically with a tomato base. Deconstructing the elements of the soup using a combination of flavours and textures, this dish will push your sensory boundaries.

The foundation of the dish is the ‘chilled tomato glee’, a clear, set tomato jelly, which is accompanied by the richness of the sour cream sorbet and the coriander gel to reflect the classic flavours. Initially produced in a martini glass, you’ll now find this dish in a bowl to improve its aesthetics.

Rocket & robiola tortelloni, creamed spinach & rocket, sourdough croutons, sun blushed tomato dresses rocket leaves

Arguably one of our best starters to date due to its comforting and indulgent qualities. The robiola cheese, whilst having the creamy qualities of ricotta, adds a distinct richness, similar to that of blue cheese.

Rich and moreish, it is a client and company favourite that can work for any audience.

Seared scallop, smoked cauliflower puree, fresh cauliflower, cauliflower tempura, toasted hazelnuts, pink grapefruit

This is one of the few new additions to our menu, but due to its luxury and unique ingredients, it deserves a mention. The scallops are of the most premium quality, being harvested by hand divers in Scotland. As they are so fresh, their natural sweetness is accentuated through the grapefruit and then contrasted against the freshness of the cauliflower textures.

If you are truly wanting to impress your guests, then this will be the dish for you.


Slow roasted rump of Kent lamb, smoked charred tomato puree, purple basil, broad bean & heritage tomato salsa, boulangere potato

This is the perfect event dish – filling and satisfying.  The succulent lamb, which has been slow roasted in stock to enhance the flavours, sits on top of the soft boulangere potato.

The salsa brings the dish together, acting as a sauce to soak into the meat. In order to keep the freshness of the ingredients alive, the salsa is lightly stewed, and the broad beans are added at the last minute.


Beef fillet, mole spiced short rib roll, new season mushrooms, carrot and cumin puree, parsley jus

Our take on the traditional beef dish takes inspiration from South America with its mole flavours. The beef fillet is braised overnight in a mole Mexican sauce to guarantee its succulent and tender texture. The short rib roll is the hidden star of the dish; juicy pork rib encased in a crisp puff pastry.

Slow roasted corn-fed chicken breast, rose harissa rub, salt baked heritage carrots, saffron potato fondant, creamed leeks.

As the chicken is corn-fed, it’s flavour will be much more intense. Salt baking the carrots will draw out their natural sweetness which is complemented by the middle eastern sweet spices of harissa and saffron. The creaminess of the leeks will also work alongside the softness of the buttery fondant potato.


Amalfi lemon meringue, basil macaron, Limoncello gel & sorbet, basil puree, sweet crumb

Our executive director, Nate Brewster, has been developing this dessert for the past seven years. With lemons imported from the Amalfi coast, handmade basil macarons and a Limoncello infused gel base, you’ll be transported to an Italian paradise with every mouthful.

The pride and joy of AlchemyLive, you can’t go wrong with this dish.


Chocolate panna cotta, milo dust, raspberry coulis, raspberry marshmallow, white chocolate ice cream, raspberry candy floss, milo croutons, fresh raspberry, sorrel

You will be taken back to your childhood with this sweet treat containing handmade candy floss and marshmallows. These little delights sit on top of a rich and decadent chocolate panna cotta. Mix in the white chocolate ice cream and you have a winner.

Milo features heavily in this dessert; popular in South America and South East Asia, this powder has the same flavour palette of malt chocolate.

Almond & mead cake, almond panna cotta, blueberry yoghurt, cinder toffee, blueberry compote, candied almond ice yoghurt

Inspired by the work of Massimo, this dessert is one to capture the attention of your guests through its unique presentation. The splattering of the yoghurt and compote create a deliberate messy canvas for the almond and mead cake to sit on.

This will be a talking point for months to come for all of your guests.

To see the rest of this delicious menu, click here. Or to have the chance to serve these dishes at your next event, contact the events team to see how we can help.