How to Put a Healthy Twist on Your Conference

With a new year comes newly charged efforts to be healthy. Exercising more and eating nutritious foods are resolutions made by the majority of us. But this healthy lifestyle often comes to a halt at events. Rather than tempting your guests away from their new habits, make being healthy an easy choice.

Incorporate the below elements when planning your next event for a healthy twist on the traditional conference.


The location of your venue will heavily determine how your guests arrive at your event. Public transport will always be of benefit to the environment, however, not so much for improving your attendee’s health. A better alternative would be to encourage a more active journey to your event.

Walking, biking and running are healthier methods of transport for your guests to use. Due to the ease of its location, choosing a centrally located venue will, therefore, encourage your guests to be active during some, or all of, their journey.

Provide bike racks so guests have the opportunity to cycle to the event as well as changing facilities for them to refresh. You can highlight this in the confirmation emails and event pages which will also make the event more appealing.


If the majority of the catering on offer is healthy and nutritious, your guests will be driven towards these options. When planning your post-conference drinks reception, reduce the amount of alcohol on offer; instead, provide delicious smoothies packed with antioxidants. Ginger, beetroot and any greens are ideal ingredients to include. It’s also a good idea to include mocktails as they will emulate alcohol. Elderflower and sparkling water or a fruity virgin mojito are some of our personal favourites.

Your audience will be harder to please when it comes to catering. Following the latest health trends and including superfoods is always a good place to start. From protein balls to smoothie bowls, avocados to chia seeds, your guests will want to eat these dishes, purely due to their popularity and familiarity.

Ultimately, we all crave junk food. Satisfy this need by tricking the mind into thinking it’s having these treats with healthier substitutions. Use plant alternatives or vegetables to replace meat in healthier ‘fake’ burgers, hot dogs and nuggets.


Simply proving healthier catering options is sometimes not enough to steer your guests away from other indulgent treats. They also need to be appealing and easily accessible.

The display is everything. If the senses are heightened through sight and smell, then the catering will automatically become more appealing. Theming will always help provoke interest in the catering on offer. Bring out the cuisine style in the decorations e.g. lanterns for Chinese or rustic olives and oils for Italian.

Be innovative not only in your layout but in the catering itself. The appearance of the dishes should be bright and as colourful as possible. Additionally, lure guests in with intriguing descriptions for each food item. Use puns or play on words to come up with witty names and explain the benefits of what they are eating to validate their decision.


Be creative with your timetable and designate time for exercise. This doesn’t have to be an extensive workout, simply making sure your guests are moving every hour rather than seated for long periods of time. This can be for guests to go to the bathroom, or a workshop activity that requires the participants to move around the room when working together.

This can also be incorporated into team building activities; scavenger hunts or sporting competitions are energetic and entertaining to offer at your conference.

Before and after the event are prime times to offer more extensive exercise opportunities. Start the conference in enough time for the guests to go to the gym beforehand or put on your own workout classes.

If you’re planning a conference, get in touch with the events team to see how they can help.