Festive Christmas Present Ideas for Your Clients

At Christmas, we all have a lot to be thankful for, and our fabulous clients are no exception. Putting the events industry on a global platform through their world-class events across the year, our livelihood would be non-existent without their dedication.

Evidently, a kind gesture of thanks may be on your ‘to do list’, and nothing says you care more than a thoughtful gift, especially at Christmas. So, in the spirit of the holiday season, we have compiled a list of unique and considerate present ideas to show your appreciation this Christmas.


Just like cheese and wine, these ideas are a perfect match for all the foodies out there. The best thing about choosing food as your gift of choice is that there are so many options available. Go classic with a hamper filled with traditional Christmas delicacies such as stollen, mince pies and panettone, or tailor it towards your client’s favourite event food.

Alternatively, channel your inner Mary Berry, put aside the time to make homemade Christmas cookies and biscuits which can be presented in a bespoke tin.


A classic Christmas gift, but also timeless. A nice bottle of wine, port or something sparkling will always go down a treat with any client. After a long year of planning stressful events, they can finally take the time to let their hair down all thanks to your gift.

Use your investigative skills to find out their favourite tipple or reminisce about their past events with a bottle from the evening itself. For a special touch, personalise the bottle with a heartfelt message or package it in a decorative box; we prefer a rustic wooden box with a handprinted logo on the front.


Events can be long and arduous projects which leave little time for relaxation. What better way to help your clients unwind after a stressful period than by encouraging them to enjoy some much-needed pampering. From festive bath bombs to candles that match the sent of the host venue, we guarantee they will all be appreciated.


No matter the age, we all get excited about Christmas. Embrace the big kid inside all of us with some retro presents. A personalised stocking filled to the brim with Christmas delights such as chocolates or sweets is a perfect idea. The stocking can be used year after year and as for the treats, well we all know they won’t last but will certainly be enjoyed!


Some gifts are timeless, and simply cannot be beaten. Christmas trinkets such as snow globes, ornaments and decorations can be the perfect gift, when chosen tastefully. Personalise them with a message or the recipient’s initials in calligraphy to add an element of elegance.


Easy to make, affordable to buy, and most importantly, these handmade ideas come with a whole load of love. Taking the time to personally assemble a thoughtful present will, most likely, mean a great deal more than a generic gift.

Our personal favourite is ‘Christmas in a Jar’. Endless options and tailored to your client’s preference, these little bottles of joy offer a lot of enjoyment. All you need to do is place the ingredients needed for a Christmas treat in the jar for the recipient to take home and make with their families or friends. Mulled wine spices, cookie and brownie mixtures or even the ultimate hot chocolate ingredients – they are seasonal and delicious.

If you’re planning your next event get in touch with the team to see how we can help.

*All photos are sourced from Etsy*