A Day In The Life of an Event Manager at Christmas

Christmas is our busiest period of the year, with back-to-back events and parties until the early hours, we live and breathe everything events for four weeks. What better time to get an accurate understanding of our team’s relentless energy and dedication to making your event a success?

Taking you through the process from start to finish, you’ll be able to see, first hand, how our Christmas season comes together.


With a full diary of exciting Christmas parties, a caffeine dose is an absolute must to start the day off correctly. Heading to our base at 8 Northumberland Avenue is a breeze because of its central location; meaning there are a wide variety of transport links to choose from. Arriving at the venue in no time, our team are ready to begin planning the day’s events.


We are fortunate enough to have a sister venue that is fully themed for the whole of December. Following the same show-stopping theming for the entirety of the month helps us to plan every detail to a T, allowing us to become experts at running seamless events during the festive period.

The first protocol when we arrive at work is to catch up with the team and see how the previous night’s events planned out. Having a debrief like this keeps all of our team in the loop and helps maintain strong communication.

Now the venue is up to a five-star standard and staff are checked in to begin setup, the excitement of the day can begin.


Events never stop changing and evolving, right up until the last minute. Last night’s clients are all content, so our event managers get straight on their emails to look out for any last-minute changes. Increased numbers, changing the table plans or timings and even adding in new dietary requirements are all common occurrences.

Having the skills to make these adaptations happen quickly and efficiently means that all our clients arrive to a stress-free event, having had all their requirements already dealt with.


Immersive theming and all-inclusive packages, including entertainment, means there are a lot of elements to consider for our parties to be ready in time. Checking on the progress of the event setup as soon as possible is, therefore, a top priority.

Our elaborate theming takes centre stage, be it a big top circus or an underwater palace. A themed stage takes center stage, accompanied by intricate, bespoke-made centrepieces but it’s the added decorations such as jellyfish hanging from the ceiling that make these events one-of-a-kind.


We have a tight-knit team at AlchemyLive who all work perfectly together. A lot of which is down to good communication and planning. Our pre-event meeting, which takes place each morning, creates the time to walk through the event from start to finish. No details are missed, timings are confirmed, and everyone is fully prepared for a successful event.

2pm – LUNCH

We may act like superhumans, but we all have to eat … and refuel on caffeine!


We have to constantly be one step ahead; planning tomorrows and the following weeks’ events. Our five-star service dictates that we need to be on hand for all our clients at all times. This is why we dedicate ourselves to forward planning and taking the time to assist with any queries.

Finalising event details as soon as possible gives our event managers the time to perfect every detail. In addition, it also allows for time to suggest exciting upgrades to make all our client’s events extra special.


The event is only hours away so it’s time to start finishing off the setup. Spacing out the tables and pin-spotting the centrepieces to perfection all finish off the rooms expertly.


We invite all of our clients to come in and see the setup of their event at least an hour before their guests arrive. This way, we have the time to walk around the venue with them to ensure they are happy. Also, it’s always rewarding to see their reactions firsthand when they see the setup for the first time.


Check, check and check again; half an hour before the guests arrive and now it’s time for the final, last-minute checklist before we welcome guests for an unforgettable evening.

Our event managers have a mental list of all that needs to be finalised. The cloakroom is set, toilets have had a final clean, floors are hoovered, and the drinks are being pre-poured (no one wants to wait for their first drink!) When they give the okay, the doors can open.


Once our guests arrive the party can begin; a clear service starting with a cocktail reception followed by a three-course dinner or bowl food reception, finished with an unlimited drinks package.

Ensuring a smooth food and beverage service, coordinating the bands and entertainment, checking on the clients; our event managers are there every step of the way, overseeing each element.


Suppliers are leaving the building and the AV team are turning down the venue. Our hardworking operations team are even beginning their preparation for tomorrow’s event.

Before the taxi arrives, there is one last job for our event managers which is essential – to do the detailed event handover. Whilst it is still fresh in their minds, they provide a detailed overview of the night’s activities. These post-event notes are extremely important to us because of our high repeat rate; when our clients come back to us, they have a fully detailed overview of their previous event.


If you’re in need of an event manager for your next event, contact the team now.