How to Alleviate Stress During Event Season

Stress affects most people in one way or another. According to The Health and Safety Executive report, 12.5 million work days were lost in 2017 as a result of work-related stress, anxiety or depression. Being in the 5thmost stressful industry (marginally behind the armed forces, firefighters, pilots and police officers) it should come as no surprise that event managers and coordinators are made to deal with exceptionally large amounts of pressure.

Maintaining positive mental health is, therefore, essential to performing well in your job as well as ensuring a positive, stress-free state of mind.

With the event season upon us, our event managers have offered some ways to keep calm in the face of stress.


Believe it or not, one of the best ways to control stress levels during the busy periods is to put your personal life first. Work is, of course, extremely important, but without a healthy balance between your work and social life, you’ll fail in both areas.

Make time for the things you enjoy. Your favourite hobby, going out to eat or simply having a long bath; if they are important to you then they should be a part of your calendar. Planning in time for these enjoyable moments will give you something to look forward to and make the stressful periods more manageable.

Taking time for yourself will also act as a good stress relief, allowing you to vent any negative feelings built up from the day’s work.


Organisation is going to be key to keep your head above water when the workload is piling up. The fear of potentially having missed vital information is a clear cause of increased stress. Try some of our techniques to be assured that you haven’t missed any important aspects from your event planning timeline.

Spreadsheets and checklists are invaluable tools to decrease the potential for anxiety. List out every tiny action point or piece of information needed to make the event run smoothly, then replicate this for every event you’re running. This will form the foundation of your event sheet meaning that all important information is accessible, and the events are carried out to the same high standard.

Add these various key dates into your calendar to obtain information needed. Final numbers, menu choices, deadlines for upgrades are all key milestones so make sure they are easily remembered with a notification.

Make the effort to stay organised in the busy periods to stop rising stress levels before it has a chance to accumulate.


Recuperation is needed in order to work to your full capacity. Whilst you need to enjoy yourself, looking after your health is just as important. A full night’s sleep, nutritious diet and plenty of exercise are great ways to boost your energy levels. With a healthy lifestyle, your work performance will increase along with it.

Your body is a machine, so taking the time to make sure it’s running properly will leave you in a better state of mind to deal with potentially stressful situations.


Teamwork certainly makes the dreamwork when it comes to maintaining wellbeing during busy times. Share and voice your concerns, experiences and ideas for improvement amongst the company to take the weight off your shoulders.

Each Monday, our event management company meets to go through the next week’s events. Ideas are shared in how to best run the events and to ensure that everything is in order. Communicating openly in this way can help others by highlighting issues that may have been missed.

Most importantly of all, don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is not a sign of weakness but strength in having the confidence to express your problems. Life coach Carol Ann Rice says that it’s okay to say ‘no’. Rather than accept unnecessary additional work, be honest with your current capabilities and instead share the workload. The work will get done to a much higher quality and in better time, all whilst your stress levels remain low.


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