The Benefits Of Investing In A Celebrity Host

Awards dinners thrive off an entertaining host. They can make your evening truly unforgettable, which your guests will enjoy and look forward to year after year; celebrities are the best way to ensure this.

Their status and talent will elevate your guest’s experience and your event along with it. At our central London event management company, we have helped our clients secure many A-list celebrity hosts and have witnessed the benefits of this first hand.

We offer our advice as to why a celebrity host for your awards dinner is a worthwhile investment and what they can bring to your event.



Fundamentally, celebrities are famous for a reason. Their charisma, stage presence and talent are designed to entertain. Rather than having the expected awards set with the bland repetition of nominee announcements and winners, celebrities can incorporate their own personality into the proceedings.

Whether they have a comedic personality or that Hollywood star appeal; their alluring personalities will entertain your guests for hours on end.


Comedians are the most worthwhile celebrity to book for your event, as you will be providing your guests with a private stand-up routine. Engaging the audience and commenting on social issues as well as the event itself, comedians are the perfect way to lighten up a typically serious affair.

There will be no need for additional entertainment as it’s already provided. The money saved can be put towards additional upgraded catering to enhance your guests experience further.



If your event is a ticketed event, your sales are bound to increase with a celebrity host. You can be certain that attendance will be at its highest, just so people can be in the same room as them.

This is a valuable marketing tool so be sure to promote their scheduled appearance as much as possible. Add their face to brochures, marketing material and try to engage with them on social media.



Not only is it beneficial for your guest’s experience but also for your event’s reputation. Celebrities and press go hand in hand, so expect to receive lots of free promotional material from their booking.

This will set a precedent for your event, demonstrating on a large scale your celebrity-filled entertainment. This will encourage not only repeat bookings but attendance from a previously unreached audience.

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