In the know – Desserts to bring out your inner child

Who says desserts are just for kids? Not us! These sweet treats, more often than not, receive less attention in comparison to the starters and main at an event. Because of this, desserts can be a last minute thought, even when it could change the dynamics of the whole event.

We believe that you can make desserts the centrepiece of the evening. Our Senior Event Manager, Katy, has provided some adult-friendly dessert ideas to end your event on a high.


If you’re on social media, then you’ve most likely seen a dessert wall. These structures, traditionally filled with doughnuts, are a fantastic centrepiece for any event. Rather than keeping your guests in their seats, allow them to experience this exciting dessert together by mingling.

They can be made bespoke for your event so you aren’t restricted to doughnuts. Whatever your preference, create a wall to hold your favourite dessert from mousses to meringues. In addition, you can also incorporate your event’s theme or companies branding into the design for some personalisation.

Dessert walls will certainly be a talking point and a great conversation starter for those potentially awkward networking situations.


Why not go back to your childhood and offer ice creams, but with an adult twist? No matter the time of year, ice cream is always a crowd favourite and will certainly go down a treat with all of your guests.

At our creative catering company, our director, Nate Brewster, is always pushing the boundaries of event catering in order to excite our clients. We personally love our ‘adult calippos’ which come in the flavours of Long Island Iced Tea, Hendricks and Tonic or Old Fashioned.

For ice cream inspiration there is no other place to turn than Italy. The Italians never miss a trick and so we’ve joined them with Affagatto; ice cream soaked in espresso. Try mint chocolate chip or green cardamom to compliment the coffee component. More importantly, if you are tight on timings then you can combine dessert with the after-dinner coffee in order to utilise the most of your evening.

These adult twists to a classic childhood dessert will be a welcomed surprise to your guests and are a great way to demonstrate your culinary creativity.


For some indulgence offer your guests freak shakes. The biggest, best and most theatrical of milkshakes, these cups of heaven can be personalised according to your tastes.

Our most popular concoctions are the strawberry milkshake with candyfloss, strawberry meringues and white chocolate cookie bites or the chocolate milkshake with brownies, chocolate sauce, popping candy and chocolate fudge. Add Baileys or Vodka are that extra piece of luxury; your guests won’t be able to refuse.

Alternatively, turn this dessert into a food station for some interactivity whereby guests can create their own crazy inventions using toppings and sauces.

Filling yet adult friendly, your guests won’t be going home hungry meaning the evening will end on a positive note.


Our clients choose our speciality ‘liquid nitrogen’ dessert stations which combine science with catering, time and time again. Used to make exotic ice creams or as a piece of entertainment with our ‘dragons breath’; watching the chefs make these treats behind the mist of the nitrogen will bring theatre to your event.

Guaranteed, this is something your guests would not have experienced before and can also incorporate into your evening’s entertainment; saving you costs for other exciting upgrades.


Dessert tables are the latest culinary innovation taking the event world by storm. Theatrical, artistic and delicious they are the perfect way to make your event stand out by offering the latest event trends.

Our chefs will create an edible piece of art across long tables in front of your guest’s eyes. From that point on it’s a free for all with everyone digging in and experiencing the incredible flavours together. It’s a fun experience for those who know each other or a bonding experience for those who don’t. The tables can include everything from candyfloss to peanut butter spread, the decision is all yours.

For more creative catering ideas, contact Katy from our events team.