Importance of Food Provenance and Sustainability

By September 28, 2018Event Planning

Here at AlchemyLive, food provenance and sustainability are at the very core of what we do. Through pledging ourselves to use only local produce we can help support the environment, local businesses and our client’s health.

It’s so important for any catering company to provide the best food possible; top quality ingredients allow you to do this. We’ve listed some vital reasons as to why sourcing local and sustainable produce should be a top priority.


Locally sourced means purchasing goods from within a one hundred mile radius of your company. So fundamentally, by buying produce from nearby, individual farmers you will be directly supporting small businesses and in turn their families and the community.

Cutting out the middleman of going to suppliers or large supermarket chains ensures that money is given directly to those who grow the food, the farmers. This is then reinvested back into the community, improving the local landscape, its facilities as well as agricultural education. The better your area looks, the better image for your business – it’s a no-brainer!

This communication with neighbouring businesses will build a strong network which, as a business, you can rely on. Having this face-to-face relationship is a much more positive approach to business than blindly talking to suppliers over the phone.

We certainly practise what we preach. All of our meat is British and from our Kent butcher whose stock is local to the area, and our fish is sustainably sourced from the local Billingsgate Market with a green ranking on the MCS chart.


Taking the time to find ingredients that are close to your venue will also be of benefit to the environment. Produced on a much smaller scale, small farms have more control over their cultivating process. They are able to conserve the ecosystem through fertile soils, avoiding chemicals and other harmful pesticides as well as coexisting with other wildlife.

Supporting local produce will also uphold the aesthetics of our countryside. If you love the rolling hills and open spaces that England is known for, then you should be supporting local farms and their crops. With small farms being supported by businesses, there will be no need for these beautiful pieces of land to be sold on for commercial development.

Transport of the product should also come into consideration. With fewer miles to travel, your carbon footprint will be dramatically reduced. Going local can, therefore, make a huge difference to your contribution of greenhouse gasses.


We are all health crazed in today’s society. Gyms, superfoods and health supplements are on the rise in order to improve our body’s health. Where and how your food is grown should be just as high a priority.

Fresher, more local ingredients are far healthier for you than mass produced, far away farms. The shorter the distance your food has to travel the better. Having only a short time to travel, the foods nutrient value will be retained as it will be riper; the riper the fruit the higher the Vitamin C content. This can be up to 150% beneficial vitamins in fresher produce.

Having no need to treat the food for long transportation, they will be void of any additional harmful chemicals. In addition, the personal relationship you build with the local farmers establishes a trust that they are growing their produce in the correct manner with no pesticides.


There’s no denying that fresh, organic food tastes a whole load better than chemically enhanced produce. Plumper and full of flavour, these quality ingredients will enhance your food to the next level, and in turn your catering company.

At our central London catering company, we fully believe in using in seasonal produce wherever possible. Our talented Executive Chef and Director, Nate Brewster, think ahead in his menu design to utilise seasonal ingredients and makes our menus work in correlation with the seasons. With the fresh produce we make preservatives, pickles and sauces for the forthcoming pre-planned menu later on in the year.

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