In The Know – Why It’s important To Invest In Your Core Staff

By September 14, 2018Event Planning

Your core staff are integral to the success of your event. From bartenders to waiters and even cloakroom attendance, they are the ones who interact with your guests and will be remembered post-event.

Whilst you’re backstage running the show, they are on the event floor serving and communicating with the guests. These exchanges will leave a lasting impression. A friendly smile or polite conversation will, therefore, go a long way.

Unusually, our own core staff have been with our company for many years, meaning they are dedicated and able to provide a five-star service. But this does take time. Our Operations Manager, Tina, who has developed our core staff over many years, explains how to achieve this and why it’s so important to invest in them.


Setting aside time to reflect on what is and isn’t working is the only way to improve upon past performances. Reviews and regular meetings provide the ideal environment for this.

That is why, every three months, each member of our core team has a one-on-one review with their senior operations manager.

In these important meetings feelings are aired, performances are reviewed, and goals are set. This can include areas such as presentation, mastering certain tasks or punctuality. All of these objectives work towards to the improvement of themselves but also to our event management service.

Based on their performance targets, bonuses are obtainable to incentivise this positive growth further.

Through discussions and bonus schemes such as this, you can continuously monitor your team’s performance and ensure that high standards are ever growing.


Frequent training is vital to the upkeep of standards and ensuring that your staff are the best they can be. This can be from a simple email reminder of company rules and regulations to in-depth training. Taking the time to develop each person will benefit your events massively as knowledge is invaluable.

Training should be regular to act as a reminder of rules but more importantly as an update for any new health and safety legislation that has come into place. This will improve your relationship as prioritising their progression and wellbeing demonstrates your genuine concern.

AlchemyLive departmentalise the training into various areas so that it’s specific and relevant to each individual. In addition, we provide refresher training at the beginning of each event season to shake off the cobwebs and check that everyone is ready for the forthcoming events.

Invest in your team’s training and you will develop an autonomous unit that is flawless in its designated roles.


Events cannot run smoothly unless everyone is up to date on essential company updates. Be sure to inform everyone of any changes, no matter how small.

With this information to hand, your team can be one step ahead and avoid any potential issues. They will know the latest news, the location of all equipment, event briefs etc. This will cancel out any need to go to event managers with questions and therefore utilise time efficiently.

Standard communication for all employees is also important for morale as it creates a unified team where everyone is on the same page.


Building relationships with each other is undoubtedly the most effective way to invest in your staff. It’s genuine and therefore encouraging for people to work for your company.

Develop an open and friendly atmosphere where employees can express any questions and concerns. Our ‘open door’ policy does just this and rectifies any issues straight away.

Social activities with the rest of the company are also important as it enables the interdepartmental relationships to be formed.


The most important factor for any employee is their potential for progression. Make this clear to your core staff from the get-go and they will invest themselves back into your company.

Due to our commitment to our core staff, the majority have been a part of the company for over three years. Starting from the bottom, now in supervisor positions, they have grown with the company and will continue to do so.


To make use of an amazing team at your next event, contact Tina from the events team.