Why Is Afternoon Tea Making a Come Back?

By September 7, 2018Event Planning

It’s obvious that the British population has a certain predisposition towards tea. Whether we are happy, sad, annoyed or scared, the answer has, and always will be, a cup of tea!

Now entrenched as a part of our everyday lives, we drink 60 billion cups of the golden goodness every year. Not just to have with a biscuit watching the television, the tradition of afternoon tea is making its way back into events, but why?


Afternoon tea is a fundamental part of British society originating with the Anna the 7thDuchess of Bedford in the early nineteenth century. Social propriety at the time dictated that one should have two meals a day. Finding herself unsatisfied, the Duchess began to have a pot of tea and a light snack in the late afternoon. Inviting her friends to join her marked the start of this British convention.

Surviving the test of time, afternoon tea has not diminished in popularity. Britain is now associated with it across the globe as people travel to experience this treat. Therefore, there is no wonder why this has developed into an event trend.

Incorporating British elements into your events, such as this, will prove to be popular with your attendees. This is especially beneficial for international clients who will be more than excited to sample this part of British heritage.


The afternoon tea’s history originates with the upper classes and so it has come to be synonymous with opulence and prosperity. This perception has lasted, as world-famous establishments such as The Ritz and The Dorchester place huge importance on this dish.

Incorporating this into your event will do the same for the event’s reputation. The catering provided is certainly a reflection of the event itself; so, by offering this luxury you will enhance the events formality.

If this isn’t the incorrect atmosphere for your desired event, then present it in a different way. At our event management company, we can serve afternoon tea in a buffet style for a more relaxed environment to suit our client’s requests.


Event catering can be stagnant and uninspiring. Having a break from the typical deli lunches will be a refreshing change for your attendees. Either replace the usual lunch or add it on as a supplement for later on in the event day.

Light and delicious, we can guarantee that everyone will be looking forward to this little bit of indulgence after a long day.


Due to the many elements involved in afternoon tea, from the sandwiches, cakes, scones and tea, it works incredibly well with theming.

Various ideas are known to be a success. In particularly, takes on childhood tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Mary Poppins.

To truly express your creativity, push the boundaries of what we consider to be a normal afternoon tea. Brand the elements to be in line with your company, make it suitable for adults by offering alcohol instead of tea or go abstract with themes such as art or science.

These innovative ideas will be across social media, promoting your event at the same time, as your guests will be snapping up these delightful treats.

If you’re looking to host your own afternoon tea, get in touch with the events team.