Unconventional Event Entertainment

Whether you’re organising a corporate event, awards gala or private function, the right entertainment is just as important as the food or decor.

When guests are enjoying a show or spectacle, their impression of the event will be a lot more positive. Don’t be shy about displaying an extra degree of creativity!

Here are some unconventional event entertainment ideas that will surprise your guests and light up their social media channels afterwards.

Themed event walls

A well-designed, themed wall adds flair and character. Whether it’s used to promote a brand or simply look trendy and stylish, a themed event wall will grab your guests’ attention as soon as they arrive.

They are also an ideal backdrop for selfies and ‘red carpet’ poses.

Living topiary

At first glance, they look like human-shaped greenery. Imagine your guests’ amazement when they start walking and waving.

Living Topiary is a unique and novel form of event entertainment that is guaranteed to make your guests smile (and ask for selfies that will be all over their social media accounts the next day).

Edible Mist Orbs

This is one appetiser that most of your guests won’t of experienced. Once they have, they won’t forget it.

With edible mist orbs, you put a straw in your mouth, inhale the air from the orb, and enjoy the flavours such as apple, cheesecake or many other flavours. What’s even more exciting is that your guests can request bespoke flavours!

Lick Me I’m Delicious are the masterminds behind this wondrous invention and we just can’t get enough of it!

Video credit: Lick Me I’m Delicious.

Aerial dance shows

Aerial dancers put on spectacular acrobatics shows that are sure to dazzle your guests. Ever had your drink poured by an aerial performer?

It’s something you won’t forget. For venues that lack rigging capabilities, many troupes put on the phenomenal ground shows that include themed greeters, strolling tables and even digital pixel dancers dressed to complement event decor.

Roue Cyr

Roue Cyr is a breathtaking circus act where the performer pulls off amazing feats of acrobatics and athleticism in and around a huge hoop.

Our friends over at Sternberg Clarke have incredible Roue Cyr performers including a 3 piece group who dance in sync! Watch the video and be amazed!

Video credit: Sternberg Clarke

Live event artists

We all enjoy having photos to look back on to remind us of the fabulous memories of an event. These are great, but why not go for something really special? Live event artists are an increasingly popular event attraction. They can create beautiful paintings for a wide variety of events. From awards dinners to weddings, each piece is one of a kind, which gives them more than sentimental value.

The AlchemyLive team aim to make your event the most memorable and entertaining yet. Send us an email to see how we can help you.