How Secure Is Your Event?

Event security is a key part of event planning in London. Safety at both private and public gatherings is a major concern.

From red carpet receptions to trade shows and awards nights, the right security measures can put guests and participants at ease. It also sends the message that you take everyone’s safety seriously.

Here are some tips for event security that will reassure your guests and help ensure that the evening goes smoothly.

  1. Work with dedicated security firms

Protect your client’s interests by working with a professional security firm that handles large crowds and employs staff who can deal with difficult situations without creating a scene.

It’s a good idea to ask other event planning experts in London for a recommendation, as too many firms advertise themselves as event security companies but are neither experienced nor insured.

Dealing with such firms can cost you later if they mishandle an incident and someone is hurt as a result.

  1. Determine your event’s security needs

A security expert can advise you on how many security staff you will need for the event based on venue size and capacity and the number of attendees.

For example, if you are planning a fashion event and a controversial designer or public figure is attending, people may show up to protest. Ensure added security levels are in place.

  1. Advise guests of event security policy

If your speakers or guests include celebrities and other high-profile personnel, you may want to implement a no-phone policy at the venue. This rule is intended to prevent attendees from snapping unauthorised photos and posting them on social media.

Another way you could control this is by asking to put stickers over the cameras on guests phones and requesting that they are not removed until they leave the building.

Your guests won’t appreciate showing up at your event and being subjected to searches or a no-phone/camera policy if you don’t warn them in advance. When you issue the invitations, let them know what to expect. This is important when event planning in London.

  1. Screen guests and staff

Ensure that all attendees have their ID and that their names are on the guest list. Your security staff should familiarise themselves with the list and be prepared to turn away anyone who has not been invited.

The same level of scrutiny should also be applied to vendors and service staff. Lack of security could result in your event being disrupted by protestors, paparazzi or guests without an invite.

  1. Have medical staff onsite

Proper event planning in London calls for onsite medical staff at higher-capacity events. They can immediately attend to any unexpected medical emergencies.

The more high-profile that your event is, the greater the risk of an incident. If you’re working with a budget, allocate accordingly to security.

When you cut corners on security, you risk dealing with unwanted guests and inattentive guards. In today’s world, great security is priceless.

For more information on maximising your security at your event, speak to our event managers.