7 delicious and interactive food stations for your event

As caterers in London AlchemyLive are always thinking culinary innovations for our clients’ events. If you want to make your event unique and engaging, themed and interactive food stations are the answer.

From awards ceremonies to corporate galas, high-profile receptions to weddings, food stations encourage guests to move around and interact. Themed stations allow them to target the station that appeals to their culinary preferences and the interactivity element will stimulate their interest as well as their appetite.

If you’re new to interactive food stations, here are some ideas that our caterers in London suggest:

1. Asian Food Stations

Asian food is one offering that can be both healthy and decadent. From sashimi and sushi with pickled ginger and wasabi to edamame salad, cashew chicken, shiitake mushroom spring rolls, and lobster wontons, an Asian station is guaranteed to deliver a wide range of flavours. Chef demonstrations and live cooking are great ways to make the food stations an interactive experience.

2. Avocado Stations

Few appetiser stations have more versatile and healthy fare than the increasingly popular avocado stations. Your guests can watch as the servers whip up customised avocado ‘sundaes’ topped with limes, salsa, and an assortment of salad dressings.

3. Tapas Stations

Although officially defined as a snack or appetiser in Spanish cuisine, tapas can encompass a wide variety of culinary traditions. Cured and marinated olives are traditional fare, but you can experiment with other taste traditions such as mussels marinated in red wine vinegar, gambas pil-pil (prawns in hot garlic oil), sauteed mushrooms and calamari salad.

4. Toast Stations

Planning a morning conference? Looking for something different to croissants and granola? A toast station is the perfect solution and is a great solution to mixed preferences and dietary requirements. Include a range of bread with gluten and dairy free options. Choose a range of spreads from Marmite to jams, smashed avocado to peanut butter. Don’t forget the final touches such as fruits, eggs, cheese and flavoured olive oil.

5. Poke Bowl Stations

This Hawaiian food phenomenon is now sweeping across the globe. No poke bowl station would be complete without Ahi Tuna on rice with loads of delectable toppings and special sauces. Salmon is also a popular choice and you can even offer a veggie bowl with crisp tempeh or tofu.

6. Taco Stations

Taco stations are another crowd pleaser. In addition to regular taco shells, flour or corn tortilla shells are a tasty edible bowl for chicken, beef, or tofu strips and green peppers, refried beans, and other Mexican foods. Throw in some fresh guacamole and pico de gallo, and the taco station will be everyone’s go-to spot.

7. Crepe Stations

As one of the leading caterers in London, we can tell you, crepe stations are one of the top choices for event dessert options. When you give guests a choice of fresh fruit, melted chocolate, whipping cream, and other traditional crepe toppings, they’re sure to come back for seconds.

The options above are a small example of the themed interactive stations you could have in place for your next big event. Contact our event managers to find out more.