Sustainability in Events: a Hot Topic for 2018

These days, a lot of event planning companies in London and their clients have a committed interest in reducing the environmental impact of their events. Those who haven’t taken this step yet acknowledge the value, but fear that it will claim a large portion of the event’s budget.

The reality is that sustainable products and services can reduce cost as well as waste, and create a positive impression of your company to current and prospective clients.

Eliminate plastic straws and utensils

Did you know that every year enough plastic is discarded to surround the planet four times? The worst culprit is single-use plastic, such as straws and utensils, which end up in our seas and oceans by the thousand.

Straws are particularly bad: beach cleanup crews regularly pick them up out of the sand, as plastic never breaks down. Ever. It may gradually crumble into smaller pieces but never biodegrades completely. Straws also can’t be recycled because they contain BPA.

These are a few of the many reasons why at AlchemyLive we have stopped using all plastic straws at our events. Sustainable alternatives include straws made from paper and bamboo.

Image credit: PopSugar

Make recycling bins available

Providing clearly labelled recycling bins is a simple way of event planning companies in London to do their bit for the environment. Otherwise, they might end up in rubbish bins instead of being put to good use in the future.

Go paperless

Modern communication is primarily digital, so why not eliminate paper invitations, advertisements, tickets? Instead favour stylish and classy images, apps, and QR codes. If some items simply must be printed, make sure they are double-sided, use paper sourced from recycled materials and use vegetable inks.

Organise attendee transportation

Organised audience transportation such as dedicated event coaches discourages individual car use. A coach with as few as seven attendees is more fuel-efficient than a typical single-occupant vehicle. A large, fully occupied coach is an estimated six times more efficient than a vehicle containing a single guest.

Cater locally

When your menu includes locally-grown ingredients, you lessen the carbon footprint and the distance from farm to table. Using produce from local farmers also supports the regional economy. If you go one step further and source organic foods, your reputation will grow as one of the most conscious event planning companies in London.

Use LED lighting

LED lights are a sustainable alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs, which waste most of the energy they use heat. There are unique and dramatic ways to incorporate LED lighting into your event. You can also add a bit of atmosphere and drama by using 100% soy-based candles as table centrepieces.

Organising a green event is a lot less costly and difficult than it sounds. There are simple and creative ways to reduce your carbon footprint that will earn you kudos from your guests and make a positive impact on the environment.

If you want to make a conscious effort to do more for the environment and host a more eco-friendly event, contact our event managers for more information.