The highs and lows of working in the events industry

Ask anyone who works in the events industry, including our event planners in London, and they will likely tell you that their jobs aren’t always easy. The hours can be long, the work is extremely hard at times, and you occasionally require the patience of a UN diplomat. They will also say that there is no job they would rather do.

Here are some of the many reasons why event planners in London love their jobs.

The satisfaction of pulling off a great event

When you plan an event that thrills your client and attendees, the sense of pride is incredible. Whether you’ve been working for a corporate client, celebrity guild or charity, understanding the boss or client’s wishes, exceeding their expectations is a reward in itself. When your perceptiveness and creativity results in acknowledgement and loyalty, the sense of accomplishment strengthens.

Meeting enthusiastic and like-minded people

Although there are currently university degrees being offered for event management, all you really need is a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Once you start working in events, you’ll meet colleagues who share your passion. The tasks can be hectic, especially when the deadline draws closer, but you’re part of a team. The same team that will celebrate when the event is over and rave reviews start pouring in.

Meeting celebs and influencers

When you are lucky enough to work with high profile clients and guests, your job can acquire a glamour that your friends will envy. If your speciality is fashion shows, you will cross paths with high-profile designers and top models. Event planners in London who focus on TV awards ceremonies will share words with producers, actors/actresses and other industry greats.

The freebies

Event planners in London will tell you that this is one job with excellent freebies! You get front row seats in important and unforgettable events first-hand, depending on what your main clientele is you work in. Enjoy extra job-specific perks like gifts, exclusive samples and free passes to related events.

The not-so-fun parts

Event planning is like any other job in that there are lows to accompany the highs. You work long hours that can leave you exhausted and disrupt normal eating and sleeping patterns. Fear of disappointing clients is always high, especially when you have to balance high demands with a low budget. If you are flexible and resilient in the face of challenge, being an event planner in London can still be your career of a lifetime.

It’s easy to see that event planning is a job that people stick with for life. It’s dynamic, exciting, and you get to make dreams reality. When your event is over and you can finally take a deep breath, you can revel in the glory of a job well done. It’s even better when images and positive reviews of your event are shared online. This not only validates all your hard work, it also ensures that it won’t be quickly forgotten.

Speak to our team of event planners in London about a future in the events industry.