Event trend forecast 2018

As event planners in London, we can tell you that keeping on top of industry trends is paramount. The last thing you want to do is give guests at your conference, wedding or awards night a dated experience.

As 2018 approaches, we’ve been watching evolving trends, and anticipate that the following exciting event planning trends will become huge in the coming year.

Street food stations

Plated dinners and canapes have been part of event cuisine forever, which is probably why people are showing an interest in something new: catering stations.

An indoors offshoot of the popular street food trend, these stations are manned by chefs who prepare and serve foods rights in front of the guests. Examples include:

  • Mexican – Tacos, quesadillas, nachos
  • Halloumi fries with a range of dips
  • Woodfire pizzas
  • Crepes
  • Rainbow desserts

Street food takes the stuffiness of a seated dinner which in turn creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Relaxed guests mean they are more likely to listen, return to your next event and spread a good word.

Drinks Packages

Event planners in London are reporting that more clients are ordering bespoke drinks packages for their event. It makes sense, ask anyone who’s hosted a wedding or corporate event and they’ll tell you that the bar bill was one of the biggest expenses.

Custom drinks packages that offer a pre-priced combination of beer, wine, champagne, spirits, and mixed drinks make it easier to create and stick to a budget while still ensuring that guests enjoy themselves.

Mental Wellbeing

2017 witnessed the (very much needed) rise in addressing mental wellbeing in the events industry. Anyone that works in events will tell you that the long hours, disruptive sleeping and eating patterns and constantly ensuring that everyone around you is well fed, watered and happy, is exhausting.

But who looks after the event planners wellbeing? 2018 will see mental wellbeing become an even hotter topic and it will achieve the awareness it deserves.

Mindful Menus

Adding some zen and mindfulness to the menu is going to be a popular request for 2018. Millennial guests, in particular, are demonstrating a new consumer attitude towards food consumption.

More and more people want to know and understand everything possible about a certain food or beverage to confirm that it aligns with their own values. This includes ingredients lists, ethical growing practices, and more.

The events industry dealt well with the growth of meat-free diet but how will it respond to such high demands?

Increase in security

After multiple attempted and successful terror attacks in 2017, the events industry will see a huge increase in event security, especially in major cities. Guests want to feel safe but remember they don’t want to feel like your treating them as a suspect. Find a middle ground and try not to be overly intrusive whilst still being diligent and alert.

If you are looking for event planners in London that are ahead of the trends then contact the team about your event.