Awards entertainment done right

By October 3, 2017Event Planning

Most awards ceremonies are high-profile events with important guests and perhaps, some media or industry coverage. After all, their purpose is to honor and celebrate the best of the best. All events management services in London understand that for this reason alone when you’re organizing an event you want it to be perfect.

Whether you’re planning an awards ceremony to recognize achievements in the arts, sciences, or even among high-performing company employees if you want your event entertainment to stand out it has to be creative. Here are some ideas for accomplishing great entertainment:

Impressive Visuals

When tasked with hosting an awards ceremony, most events management services in London will allocate a big percentage of their budget for impressive visuals. You want something visually exciting to entertain the guests and make a good first impression. Popular options include:

  • Ice sculptures: Majestic shapes formed out of ice add the ultimate wow factor, especially if they match the awards theme or location design
  • Dancers: Dancers are an ideal way to add an extra level of dazzle to your event. Like ice sculptures, dance entertainment can be chosen to suit the evening’s theme. From Bollywood to burlesque, the choices are endless
  • Magicians: Wow your guests with professional magicians who perform onstage, at individual guest tables, or both

Live Music

No awards show is complete without music. Singers and bands are an excellent way to make an awards ceremony even more memorable, and nothing energizes an atmosphere quite like live entertainment. The performers can even play the event theme music when the host and award winners enter or exit the stage.


Most awards begin after a formal meal, so the night can seem too long if it doesn’t technically begin until after dessert. To get the guests excited and engaged about the purpose of the ceremony, hire a speaker to take the stage. Professional compères or emcees know intuitively how to keep an event running smoothly, so events management services in London consider them invaluable.

Professional compères or emcees know intuitively how to keep an event running smoothly, so events management services in London consider them invaluable.

When selecting a speaker, consider the audience demographic and what the awards are for. A room full of young games programmers, for example, will respond differently to an irreverent comic than a group of CEOs, who might prefer an informative speaker.

The After Party

Not many awards ceremonies conclude after the last speech, so you need to organize entertainment for afterwards. An after party is an excellent opportunity for attendees to relax, rewind, and network.

Ideas for a memorable party include a DJ or live band, themed food stations, and even a mixologist who can serve event-themed cocktails.

Anyone working in events management services in London will tell you that there is more to a successful awards ceremony than the right choice of music, visuals, and host. The best events result when you pay close attention to each of these details, and bring them all to life in the most spectacular way possible.

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