A guide to digital goody bags for events

By September 28, 2017Event Planning, Tips

As an events management service in London, we’re all used to the traditional goody bag handed out during or after an event, such as a conference or reception. However, there’s now a new option on the scene. Like the rest of the world, the goody bag is now going digital.

This is great news for your event sponsors and exhibitors. It liberates them from the pre-event ordeal of placing orders with suppliers for keychains, coupons, and other bag fillers that stands little chance of being used or even taken home.

Now attendees simply open virtual bag contents submitted via text message or email. They can enjoy digital treats such as free offers and discount codes all specially curated by event supporters.

Benefits for Planners

Think about it. No more counting out branded lip balms, notepads, penlights, and stress balls. Not to mention dragging them all to the event site to be bagged and distributed and the prospects of dragging leftovers back to the office.

All you have to do is collect digital offers from sponsors and decide when and how attendees access them.

Compared to the price of a physical swag bag, a digital one can offer greater value at a lower cost. Each bag is specifically tailored to the event in question, so it can be as personalised as your attendees want. It’s an advantage that an events management service in London was never able to enjoy – until now.

Benefits for Sponsors

Sponsors are embracing the opportunity to provide event attendees with digital goodies. These giveaways deliver an advantage that water bottles and portable mugs or branded pens don’t: reporting capabilities.

Many virtual event bag companies provide reporting dashboards that deliver valuable insights such as:

  • Which codes and coupons were the most popular
  • How often the goody bag was opened
  • What products or services were purchased with the coupons


The ability to track such behaviours dramatically changes the way that you and your sponsors reward people for attending your events. The success of a digital goody bag can easily be judged by which assets are used and how often.

Benefits for Attendees

Digital bags allow sponsors to deliver the gifts and goodies that attendees really want. A free and useful app or a discount code for a favourite product will be greeted with greater enthusiasm than a Day-glo coffee mug, (that likely won’t survive the train or plane ride home in one piece).

Benefits for the Environment

We try our best to reduce our carbon footprint and we keep our ear to the ground for new ways to do our bit. It all started with digital itineraries and downloadable event programmes. Now virtual goody bags can make your future events both smarter and greener.

Any events management service in London that please the crowds in a way that preserves the environment, will benefit from some well-deserved extra attention, publicity and goodwill from clients and attendees.

Contact a member of the team today to find out how we can help you modernise your next event goody bags.