The rise of vegetarian food in the events industry

In the events industry, it’s great to be aware of the latest trends in dietary requirements so we thought we’d share a little about how this trend is growing and how the events industry is adapting to cater to it.

We love using the freshest local produce in all our dishes. Sourcing the highest quality, fresh, in-season vegetables is a priority for us, and we have great relationships with our suppliers. Luckily for us, our chefs love to adapt dishes, play around with ingredients and really highlight the versatility and variety of our veggie dishes.


Dietary requirements

It’s true that dietary trends come and go. Vegetarianism, however, has been with us for a long time and is continuing to see growth. Add veganism to the mix and you have more details to consider when you’re planning your next event. As an events company, we often have to cater to different dietary requirements including free from, meat-free and allergens. It is definitely worth doing a bit of research into what should be excluded from a vegan dish – the list isn’t long but you would be surprised to see how common diary is in ingredients you wouldn’t expect such as vinaigrettes and salad dressing.


Flexitarian and meat substitutes

Along with totally committed vegetarians and vegans, there is a growing movement toward being ‘flexitarian’. These people have a primarily plant-based diet but are flexible about eating an occasional meat-based dish. This provides another group interested in seeing a vegetarian dish on the menu.

There is another trend that we’ve noticed over the last few years. Alongside a growth in vegetarian and vegan eaters, there is a demand for meat substitute products. These are usually made from soy or wheat protein. There are also other substitutes being made from egg and pea protein and nuts. Allied Market Research predicts the meat substitute market will grow by 8.4% between 2015 and 2020.

While it may not be the first thing you think of when planning an event menu, it’s worth exploring. Meat substitutes are clearly growing in popularity and given the quality of the product is improving every year; meat eaters are also more likely to enjoy this kind of dish more than ever before. Here is a video from the first ever bleeding burger made entirely from plants:

For more meat-free options and how we can help cater to special diets, ask a member of the team for creative solutions.