AlchemyLive launch their Spring/Summer 2017 menu

What inspired the menu?

All the ingredients in this menu were very much inspired by London in the summer. I decided to write this menu, in the summer to get the fullest and freshest flavours from the ingredients and understand how the time and weather will effect each.

Instead of writing a menu 6 months before when we are in midst of the opposite seasons, I have decided to write them 12 months prior to really get a feel for what we will be working with.

This process also means we have longer to develop menus and play around with ingredients and techniques. This is great for our event planners in central London as they can really get to grips with the ingredients and understand how the final dishes come together. This means they can give the best advice and suggestions for your event in central London.

How does this work with new food trends?

I take influences from the greatest restaurants around the world, so I am aware of food trends at least 2/3 years before the events industry is introduced to them.

The likes of El Bulli pioneered hydrocolloids and setting agents around 15 years ago but it’s still something that is considered a modern technique in event food.

I look to restaurants of that calibre to adapt new and interesting techniques meaning I can write the menu a year in advance and it’s still on trend or even advanced.

What makes this menu different to previous AlchemyLive menus?

With this menu I feel it’s less about singular ingredients and more about creating interesting taste combinations. I challenged the chef’s to look further into ingredients on their own and really experiment with how they all come together. As we have a fantastic team they really took to the challenge and brought new ways of thinking to the table.

Some of my favourite concoctions are:
– Sea bass tartar with pickling sorbet
– The violet meringue
– Fermented plum: Noma (a two-Michelin-star restaurant in Denmark) discovered the technique of fermenting foods such as fruits and beans, around 10-15 years ago yet it has only come into the mainstream event industry.

What are your favourite dishes from the menu?

Starter: Smoked salmon pauppiette, cucumber and dill preparations and rye crisp bread
Main: Slow roasted rump of Welsh lamb, smoked charred tomato purée, purple basil, board bean and heritage tomato salsa and Boulangère potato
Dessert: Chocolate pave, salted caramel popcorn, chocolate coulis, peanut brittle and crème friache ice cream.

If you would like to host your event with us or find out more about our menu, contact our event planners in central London.

See here for the sample menu.