Event Management

Unique, unsurpassed events


Our 3 golden rules

Think. Plan. Execute.


The heart, mind and soul of AlchemyLive lies with our Alchemists, in whose capable hands your brief will be transformed into unforgettable memories.

We’ve certainly got the experience, with elite events at Buckingham Palace, major West End venues and exciting product launches under our belt. In the past year alone our event specialists have orchestrated over 150 large events (that’s 44,200 happy clients!). The combination of seasoned professionals and unbridled creativity is the perfect recipe for some truly spectacular results.

We promise to deliver unique, unsurpassed events, in three simple steps:


Starting with a personal consultation, our Event Managers and Design Crew will absorb every whim and whisper of your idea. With access to some of the most exclusive venues and partners in the world, the only limit is imagination.


We source the ideal venue, create a culinary concept, organise bespoke invitations, book private transport, secure dazzling entertainment and everything in-between. We figure out the who, what, where, when and how so all you have to do is pick your preference.


On the day, the Alchemists will be there to make sure the entire event flows smoothly from start to finish. Any last minute changes or requests will be effortlessly handled